Swim-A-Thon Main Swim Wed Nov 16th

Yahoo what a bunch of paddling crazy swimmers! This weeks fundraising effort was in full force with swimmers and parents both hard at work to make the day special. It is going to take a little work on this end to figure out all the swimmer numbers!

Just taking a look:

Jason 100, Kai 100, William 60, Cleo 93, Luke 74, Julian 70, Kayden 64, Arthur 42, Chloe 126, Lexi 146, Kate 142, Lily 134, Charlotte 130, Tarun 94, Tzewa 202, Emily 166, Riley 176, Conner 160, Robbie 208, Zan, 122, Aaron 160, Chase 180, Kai S 146,ýErin 160, Sidney 160, Jackson 210, Dallin 202, Aadi 152, Lyndsey 154, Lucy 200, and the list goes on as the numbers are being put together from the other lanes.

A giant thank you to our parents and swimmers who counted the laps!ýIn addition to those passing out the team shirts!ýThis years shirt has a quote from Mark Spitz who wasýa local guy from Santa Clara, and is not even six feetýtall. But was the one who set the bar for the world to see in the 1976 Olympic Games! If you didn't get a shirt please pick one up at practice!

What to do now? Well its online! For friends who would like to just go to the SOLO website they can make a donation. Or you can collect the pledges or flat amount and turn it in to Coach Tom. We still have a swim to do for those of you who have not had a chance the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. We also had a couple swimmers just miss out on making the 100 and 200 levels due to the time. At Burgess we only get to swim one and a half hours. The actual event is 2 hours!ý

Bag tags for the swimmers reaching 100 &200 lap levels will be awarded by USA Swimming. I had some ordered but man we flew right through most of those. Check next week to see if I had one, otherwise more will be on the way. Which is another reason that we do need you to turn in a form. All the info goes into the USA Swimming website. And the prizes will be awarded after the collection for prize deadline of November 30!

Thanks Again SOLO Swimmers and Families!