Jolyn tie-back swimsuit

The question about the legality for competition of a Jolyn tie-back swimsuit continues to be brought up.


First and foremost, the issue is not with the manufacturer but rather with the tie-back design from any manufacturer. A suit with a tie-back is not legal for competition regardless of the manufacturer. A quick scan of the Jolyn swimwear catalog shows that many of their suits are legal. In fact, one has recently received FINA certification.


USAS 102.8.1 C            Only swimsuits complying with FINA swimsuit specifications may be worn in any USA Swimming sanctioned or approved competition.


FINA FRSA 4.1.6 CONSTRUCTION       No zippers or other fastening system is allowed.


Provided that any suit meets the following essential parts of the swimwear certification specification it can be used in USA Swimming competition. These are:


1.                   Traditional fully permeable textile material (open mesh material)

2.                   No surface treatment closing the mesh.

3.                   No neoprene or rubberized material

4.                   Meets the maximum coverage requirements.

5.                   No zippers, clasps or other closure systems (this is where the ties come in)


A tie-back suit could be worn during warm up.