Continuation of news from 2-16

Continued results from last weekend's Senior Classic...

Top 16th finishes....(continued results- Saturday)

800 Free relay:  Girls- Heim, McLean, Cox, Ferrer (1st); Anderson, Aitken, Tex, Fryrear (12th); Scott, Proffit, Martinez, Hart (16th). Boys- Rodriguez, Glass, Sutka, Meier(3rd); White, Anderson, Christy, Casimiro (9th).

Sunday:  200 free relay: Girls-Ferrer, McLean, Cox, Ferrer (2nd); Anderson, Proffit, Fryrear, Scott (15th). Boys- White, Sutka, Meier, Glass (5th); Rodriguez, Christy, asimiro, Myzer (8th); 100 Back - McLean (3rd), Fryrear (12th); Glass (6th) Casimiro (14th). 200 Free - Heim (1st), McLean (12th);  Meier (4th), Sutka (14th).
100 Fly - Heim (2nd), McLean (6th); Rodriguez (5th). 400IM - Heim (2nd), Fryrear (8th), Cox (9th), Tex (14th); Meier (1st), Sutka (8th), Casimiro (15th). 400 Medley Relay - Girls - McLean, Proffit, Heim, Ferrer (5th), Fryrear, Tex, Anderson, Cox (11th), Glass, Meier, Rodriguez, Sutka (5th),

Monday:  Monday was the really exciting day with the top thre teams trading  places as point leder, multiple times. 200 Medley relay - Girls - McLean, Proffit, Ferrer, Heim (1st),  Martinez, Scott, Aitken, Callahan (13th); Glass, Meier, Rodriguez, Sutka (6th), Anderson, Drew, Casimiro, Myzer (7th). 100 Free - Heim (3rd), Ferrer (6th), Meier (13th), Sutka (16th).  200 Freast - Fryrear (12th),  Proffit (15th), Meier (1st). 200 Fly - Heim (2nd), Cox (3rd), McLean (13th), Scott (16th), Rodriguez (1st), Meier 7th), Casimiro (11th).  1650 - Heim (1st), Aitken (10th), Tex (15th), Sutka (5th), Christy (7th), White (14th).  400 Free relay - Girls - Ferrer, McLean, Cox, Heim (2nd), Scott, Fryrear, Proffit, Anderson (14th), Rodriguez, Glass, Sutka, Meier (2nd), Casimiro, Christy, Anderson, White (7th).

Okay, back to the drama of Monday.... The point leaders going into Mondays Finals: CAST 747.5, WCAB 725.5, PS 702...

So we had a very small lead going into Monday afternoon:

After the first 2 relays: Cast 845.5 ,  WCAB 845.5, PS 802    (we're tied for 1st)

After the 100 frees: WCAB 927.5, CAST 908.5, PS 878    (in second by 19)

After the 200 Breast: PS 969, WCAB 939.5, CAST 935.5 (in 3rd - 30 behind the lead)

After the 200 Fly: CAST 1012.5, PS 1000, WCAB 997.5 (back in 1st)

After the mens mile: CAST 1040.5, PS 1024, WCAB 997.5 (16 ahead of PS, 43 ahead of WCAB)

After the womens 400 free relay:  PS 1084,  CAST 1080.5, WCAB 1043.5 (4 behind PS , 37 ahead of WCAB).......

Walnut Creek - on paper, was seeded to outscore us by more than 40..our relay teams swam very well.  Although we really didn't know the final point total until the announcements  ....... Final score: CAST 1138.5, WCAB   1135.5, PS 1120.  We won by just 3 ponts!

To top it off Jessica Heim won the girls high point by 10 points, and Brandon Meier won the mens high point  by 3 points.  Side note: in order to go for the high point award Jessi and Brandon each entered 10 individual events and with relay swims each of them ended up competing in 23 races in the 3.5 day meet.

(and a little thanks to NCA for sending only their boys team)

Great job guys, I am proud of you all.