Weekly News (Dec 5-12)

Hello all Panthers,

Sorry for the long news, but we have lots of info to get out to you before the end of year. We are heading into our second last week of school before the winter break and I am sure we are all getting excited to our holiday, but lets try our best to not forget our training and keep our attendance record spotless. Next week will be a little more “fun” than usual and our coaches will have some festive ideas to get you excited about the holidays.

Before that though, we have two more competitive days this week to try and better our PBs before the last days of 2016 get away on us.

Wednesday, Dec 7th we have our Senior Distance Time trials and Thursday, Dec 8th we have a Snow Flake dual meet with St. Andrews Samakee for our 10 and under swimmers. Both of these Meet Programs have been emailed out to the swimmers entered earlier this morning. Let’s see some quick races before the end of school.

Reminder: Today (Dec 6) is an early dismissal day and all practices start one hour earlier, as usual.


Important Notes:


Winter Break Training:

For those of you planning a “stay-cation” for the winter break and you are around ISB, we have some training sessions that all swimmers can take part in.

All sessions will be from 8:00am-9:00 for 10 and under, and 8:00am-9:30am for 11 and over (ALL AT 50M POOL)

Sessions are as follows:

December 17, 19, 21, 23, 27, 28, 30 and January 2 and 4th.

In next week’s news, I will have coaches names assigned to each day.


Changes for next Semester:

As mentioned earlier in our weekly news, we will be making a couple changes to the younger end of our swim team next semester.

#1. Our Jr. Panther Program is now going to be a regular part of the Panther Swim Team; there will not be any differences between those squads and our other 8 and under squads. So starting in January, we will simply have 7 or 8 squads of 8 & U swimmers. 4 will train at our 50m pool and 4 will train at our 25m pool.

As with all age groups, there will still be a “non-competitive” option for those that do not want to compete in meets.

#2 Our 8 & U swimmers will now have the option to swim 3 days a week. This change was brought on because we had noticed that sometimes our younger swimmers miss practices due to illness or other scheduling conflicts. When they only swim 2x per week, they would sometimes drop down to only 6-7 training sessions per month and this is not enough contact time to make improvements in their swimming. We want to ensure all our swimmers have the opportunity to make improvements.


Registration Opens during Winter Break:

In the past, we have waited until after the break to open registration and then leave it open for two weeks. This year we will open it as soon as school lets out, this gives you the opportunity to register and get it out of the way. Registration will also close one week earlier than advertised on the school calendar (Now closing January 14th)


Spring Travel Meet Options (Perth has no interest so far):

Today I have added United World College Singapore’s Dragon’s Den International Swim Meet (April 21-23). We have had little interest in the Perth All-star meet and we do want to have a travel meet in the Spring.

I will leave both meets open and we can see which has more interest.




Currently ready for Commitment (please mark “decline” or “commit”)


  1. Winter Swim Camp Phuket (Jan 6th and 7th)
  2. Bangkok Prep Puppy Cup January 14th (12 and under swimmers)
  3. Perth Indian Ocean All Stars Challenge
  4. United World College (Singapore) April 21-23



That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,