Join the Polar Bear Club! (And Earn a Patch)

Join the Polar Bear Club!


Tiger Sharks, Piranhas and Tadpoles

Swim like a Polar Bear

Dec. 1-Feb. 28

and Earn a Patch!


Just come to practice an average of 2 times per week (Tadpoles) or 3 times per week (Tiger Sharks and Piranhas) from Dec. 1 through Feb. 28.

But Be Winter-Smart!

  1. Do not swim if you have a fever or cough from a cold or flu.
  2. Keep your body warm with a parka or jacket; your head warm with a hat; and your feet warm with shoes. 

  3. Get enough sleep; eat healthy; and wash your hands! 

  4. Swim more when you are well. It is the average that