USA Swimming Silver medal club


USA swimming has recognized CAST as a Silver Medal club!

The focus of this program is to identify and reward up to 200 USA Swimming clubs that have attained a high level of athlete performance as well as organizational success.  The program measures the success of a club both on organizational succes, combined with scores related to it's national level athletes

The 2010 program results are based on performances in the 2009 calendar year. Clubs have been selected as Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal clubs according to the following parameters:

Gold Level: The top 16 point-scoring clubs eligible for the Gold level.
Silver Level: The remaining clubs ranked through #100 and/or not achieving Gold status.
Bronze Level: Clubs ranked #101 through #200 and/or not achieving Gold or Silver status.

The USA Swimming Club Excellence Program is a program that recognizes USA Swimming clubs for their commitment to excellence in performance. In addition to recognizing the top club teams, the program provides grant funding for resources that enable clubs to expand and/or enhance the services they already provide to athletes. A total of $320,000 in grant dollars will be distributed to 100 Gold and Silver-level clubs. Final grant awards will be announced by June 11.

The recognition is for each year, and can change drastically from year to year based on the teams national athletes. This is the first time we have applied for this recognition, and we were ranked as being one of the top 100 clubs in the US!!!! (there are over 2500 clubs in the US.). Yea for us!