5th Season brings new opportunities


Happy New Year, Swim Families!

As many of you know, this will be our 5th season with the swim team and we're excited to celebrate!
We have a great core of families and we're finally at a point where no one is a rookie anymore.
I'd like to celebrate this season by having an anniversary event. I see it as a good opportunity to lay the groundwork for bigger functions that we will be hosting in the near future:
2020 SSASJ Championship
2022 Peach Bowl
Therefore, I'm tapping into some of the more motivated minds and am looking for parental candidates to take on bigger roles with the team.
If you'd like to leave your stamp on how this team will thrive for generations to come, this is your opportunity to shape them from the ground floor. 
Things we need to master:
Senior Graduation (great class this year, best yet!)
Team Building Events
Big/ Little Mentorship program
Growth in Volunteer Departments
Community Outreach
I'm also seeking someone interested in being our Alternate League Rep. We have a league meeting this Monday night in Haddon Twp at 7pm. I'll be attending this meeting but I will  definitely need one volunteer to attend and represent us for the February 13 meeting (also at Haddon Twp Library at 7pm). 
Happy New Year! Happy 5th Anniversary!
Please reach out to me if you'd like to attend a league meeting or two and if you're interested in taking on a greater organizational role with the team. 
Jace Kandle