New Year’s resolutions give us a chance to set new goals or recommit to the things and ideas that we care about—like the culture on this team! 


Safe Sport is all about creating a healthy, positive, supportive team culture.  Let’s brainstorm some ways that we can make 5 Safe Sport resolutions for 2017.


Safe Sport Resolutions:


1. Encourage each other.  How?

 Keep the chatter during practice positive.  If you notice that a teammate is struggling through a tough set, cheer them on.  Find out the goal times of your teammates and cheer them on at meets.


2. Look out for each other.  How?

This goes all kinds of ways.  Stand up for a teammate being picked on or bullied.  Loan a teammate a cap if theirs breaks.  Make sure they don’t miss their race.  If they do something that’s against the rules, call them out on it.


3. Think before your speak/post/tweet.  How?

 Respect isn’t just actions, respect is words, too.  Never say/post/tweet something mean, rude, or demeaning about a teammate.  What you do with your words matters to the culture of the team.


4. Build each other up.  How?

 Expect the best from your teammates and coaches, and then help them be their very best.  If we all do this, we will be a faster, closer, and more supportive team.


5. Talk about how you feel.  How?

 If you’re mad about something a teammate or coach did or said, ask them about it.  Let them know how you feel and listen to their perspective.  Let’s be a team that doesn’t keep all of that bottled up