Weekly News (January 16-21)

Hello all Panthers,

What a great weekend our swimmers had competing in the Bangkok Prep Puppy Cup. It is always nice to be rewarded for hard work and tons of PBs. So congratulations to all thirty-eight, 12 and under swimmers who did their best to bring home the championship trophy Saturday afternoon; what a wonderful way to spend “Children’s Day”.

At the end of this week registration will close, so if you have not done so already, please go online and complete the registration process.



Important Notes:


A word on Swim Meet Commitment: Please think carefully and plan before committing to Swim Meets

As you know, if you have been to anyone of the swim meets our team attends. There is a huge amount of work that goes into organizing and running a swim meet. Coaches put in hours of work entering swimmers, making relays and seeding the events for the final program. When you scratch your swimmer last minute, it makes a substantial amount of work for all of those involved.

I know sometimes emergencies happen and in those cases we are happy to do our best to help you in your families time of need. But for those scratches that are done because something has come up or you double booked your swimmer with other activities, I believe this is an issue of teaching our swimmer about commitment. We are not just teaching our team to be better swimmers; we are teaching them about being better citizens of the world. Following through on your training and your commitments in a large part of being a global citizen.

So please plan, organize, commit to compete and then follow through. Your coaching staff truly appreciates this and your swimmer will be better for it at the end of the day.

Jr. and Sr. Panther Palooza’s moved to February 15 & 16th: Sign up on Website now available.

We moved these intra-squad meets because of the Bangkok Prep meet and IASAS Championships in 2 weeks. Sorry this is not reflected in the school calendar. Please look at Documents & info section of our webpage for the updated schedule (it is also pasted to the bottom of this newsletter.

22 new Panther Swim Team Members:

After our spring tryouts closed last Thursday, there were 22 new Panther Swim Team members. Most now belong to our 8 and under squads, which is great as 25 swimmers aged up to 9&10.

Swimmer Register Closes Friday, January 20th:

Please register earlier than later.


Dragon’s Den Swim Meet in Singapore: Minimum Swimmers Met will be traveling to this meet (April 21-23):

We are approaching 20 swimmers for this meet, so let’s see if we can beat our attendance from 2 years ago. Last Dragons Den meet we traveled with 24 swimmers.


Spring Calendar of events:


January 8

Panther Swim Team Registration Opens

January 9-12

Panther Swim Team Tryouts

January 14

Bangkok Prep Puppy Bash 10 and under

Feb 1-4

IASAS Championships ISKL (High School)

Feb 15              

Panther Palooza – Senior (11 and over)

Feb 16

Panther Palooza – Junior (10 and under)

March 3

ISB Splash Spirit night

March 4/5

ISB Panther Splash International Swim Meet

March 25/26

BISAC Championships

April 3

ISB Jr. “Kickoff” Swim Meet

April 21-23

United World College Dragons Den (Singapore)

May 11

Jr. Panther Cub Squad Swim Meet

May 13

ISB Pentathlon Swim Meet



Currently ready for Commitment (please mark “decline” or “commit”)


  1. Senior Spring Palooza: Feb 15th (11 and over swimmers)
  2. Junior Spring Palooza: Feb 16th (10 and under)
  3. ISB Splash Saturday (SCM meet): We host our international teams from all over Asia.
  4. ISB Splash Sunday (LCM meet): This is the 50m pool portion for the Splash weekend. It is a great experience for all swimmers to try long course swimming. There are qualifying times, so speak with your coach.
  5. United World College (Singapore) April 21-23



That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,