SSF Meet Jan 14&15 Results, Awesome!

The SOLO Swimmers Crush In The New Year!

Well it looks like we had some swimming over the holidays based on these swims! SOLO had 16 athletes step up on the blocks to swim over 40 new best ever races! It is important to understand that it is these swims that help the direction of the swim practices. When swimmers have consistant stroke improvements we have a better idea of what is working. And we always have more to teach!

A special thank you to the following swimmers:

Jason C   BT 50 bk

Katelynn F  BT 200 bk & 100 fly

Emile F  BT 50 br & 200 fr

Ron F  BT 100 bk & 50 fly

Lucy K  BT 100 bk & 200 IM

Robbie K  BT 100 fly, br & fr

Adrian K  BT 50 bk & br, 200 fr

Elena K  BT 25 fly, 50 br & 100 fr

Dallin L  BT 50 fr & br, 200 IM

Julia M  BT 50 br, 100 fly & br, 200 fr

Drew N  BT 50 fr & fly, 100 fr, 200 IM & br

Kaelyn S  BT 100 fly

Lulu S  BT 50 fr & br, 100 bk & fr, 200 IM & NEW AAA & Team Record 200 BREAST!

Carson S  BT 100 bk & fly, 200 IM, bk & fr

Alexandra W  BT 100 fly & 200 br

You might guess it, but picking the "Swimmer Of The Meet" was actually hands down! Lulu S swam to some levels that no SOLO swimmer has ever made! USA Swimming has an Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The level to train as an official guest is a AAA time, which she was able to achieve in the 200 breast! Congratulations to the runners up who you see at every practice Drew and Carson, funny how that works, ha!

Lets keep it rolling by getting to practice and fixing up some skills and taking on new ones like TURNS! See you at the pool! GO SOLO!


Coach Tom