SOLO Meet ASAP Feb 11&12

The SOLO Meet on Feb 11 & 12 is now open for sign ups!

ASAP, means the clock is ticking on getting our swimmers entered in the meet. Just send an email to Coach Tom [email protected] with the day or days you would like your child to swim. Please don't wait, but know that when it is entered your signed up. In addition there are several events, but still think it is best to only swim three events. If you would like to pick the events to make sure your child swims those, include that in your email!

We of course will need parents and swimmers to help in running the event. Hosting a couple meets a year gives our kids the best opportunity for an outstanding experience. Coach Sean will be posting sign ups on the website, which might require that you sign in to the website as a team member to see the file. We are working on that for this meet. Thanks!