Dear FAST Families,

  I need your support and reading the following message will explain why. Our team (FAST) is constantly growing and there has been an increased interested in swimming and our triathlon team from the community.

The Fayetteville community is eager for facilities were our youth can learn, compete and enjoy aquatic programs. After completing researched in various cities/counties the same size of Fayetteville/Cumberland County, each has in indoor pool for year round use. Even though our community is growing in size and in population, an indoor pool seems far away from our politician “mind”. Last year, the city opened two beautiful outdoor pools, equipped of blocks, flags pools and lane lines; unfortunately, outdoors pools are only available for the few summer months and closed for the majority of the year. Both pools (Westover and College Lakes) are equipped with heating systems, normally used in the winter season.  These facilities would have a great impact in our team and also for the high school teams (public and private), by having more choices for practice and competition. At this point, I am convinced that our local city council should listen to our proposal in covering Westover pool with a dome in the winter season. I am asking you to support our petition and we will send to the local government. I have attached the petition and I hope you can help us to gather signatures in support with as many people as possible. I am sure the larger number of signatures, the higher possibility this will happen in the 2016-2017 winter.

We will accept signatures until February 11th and we will forward our petition and signatures on February 14, 2017.

Please help us to make a change in our community with a strong message. We have a desire to provide a skill that is important in life which is swimming. Swimming save lives, a covered building can help provide a safe an enjoyable place they can play, practice and compete with other cities team by having the same chances in practice time!

We are determined to bring home this victory, but we only can get there with your help.

Thank you,

coach Oscar