Weekly News (January 23-29)

Hello all Panthers,

Registration is completed and we are up over 230 swimmers again, so as a team we are looking very solid. This week our coaches will complete our squad placements and do our best to make sure everyone is in the appropriate level for them to develop into the best swimmers possible.

For our new swimmers, please make sure you ask lots of questions and just relax and learn the ropes. We all remember what it was like to be a “Newbie”. The rest of the team will take care of you and it will become an old habit before you know it.

The information this week will be kept to a minimum. The area of Volunteers is of highest priority right now. We need to get volunteers signed up so the meets can be carried out as easy as possible.



Important Notes:


Parent Volunteering for swim meets and other functions:

Sign-up today! We need your help!

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of work to run the swim meets and functions that our swim team puts on for its members. There is no way to do this without a very high level of volunteer commitment from all of our families. As our team has grown by almost 30% over the last two years, I believe that we should be able to lower the amount of volunteer hours each family has to commit to. So our goal for this semester is to have everyone sign up for either one after school activity of meet, or a half-day at our International Splash Meet (all per child). If everyone meets this commitment, then we will easily meet our semester wide need for volunteers.

So go on our website today and sign up for one of the 3 swim meets we have opened. Jr. Palooza, Sr, Palooza and Splash Saturday or Sunday. If you need assistance in signing up, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Palooza Meets in February: Senior(11&Over) Feb 15th and Junior(10&under) Feb16th

Great warm up for Splash and BISAC Swim Championships. Try your best to swim at these events.


Dragon’s Den Swim Meet in Singapore: Minimum Swimmers Met will be traveling to this meet (April 21-23):

We are approaching 20 swimmers for this meet, so let’s see if we can beat our attendance from 2 years ago. Last Dragons Den meet we traveled with 24 swimmers.


Spring Calendar of events:


January 8

Panther Swim Team Registration Opens

January 9-12

Panther Swim Team Tryouts

January 14

Bangkok Prep Puppy Bash 10 and under

Feb 1-4

IASAS Championships ISKL (High School)

Feb 15              

Panther Palooza – Senior (11 and over)

Feb 16

Panther Palooza – Junior (10 and under)

March 3

ISB Splash Spirit night

March 4/5

ISB Panther Splash International Swim Meet

March 25/26

BISAC Championships

April 3

ISB Jr. “Kickoff” Swim Meet

April 21-23

United World College Dragons Den (Singapore)

May 11

Jr. Panther Cub Squad Swim Meet

May 13

ISB Pentathlon Swim Meet



Currently ready for Commitment (please mark “decline” or “commit”)


  1. Senior Spring Palooza: Feb 15th (11 and over swimmers)
  2. Junior Spring Palooza: Feb 16th (10 and under)
  3. ISB Splash Saturday (SCM meet): We host our international teams from all over Asia.
  4. ISB Splash Sunday (LCM meet): This is the 50m pool portion for the Splash weekend. It is a great experience for all swimmers to try long course swimming. There are qualifying times, so speak with your coach.
  5. United World College (Singapore) April 21-23



That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,