Zone Team Information


From: Program Development Committee and Zone Team Committee
To: CSI Coaches

The pre-registration requirement is in effect for prospective athletes considering SCY Zone Team selection. Specifically, but not exclusively, athletes must be pre-registered for Zone Team consideration by 9 PM, Tuesday, March 14, 2017. Athletes, regardless of performance record, who do not pre-register for the SCY Zone Team, will not be given consideration for team selection.

The document specific to this year’s procedure for SCY Zone Team selection and eligibility requirements is here:

1. All swimmers desiring consideration of the CT Short Course Zone Team must pre register online via
2. The Pre-Registration period will open in the near future and will close at 9 PM, Tuesday, March 14, 2017.
3. Absolutely no swimmer will be allowed to register for the team after the deadline. Even swimmers yet to achieve the minimum AA time standards are encouraged to pre-register. Anticipate great performances, encourage all your Zone interested athletes to pre-register. Please, when in doubt, pre-register.
4. Pre-Registration is simple. Fill out the form online.
5. Team selections, based on performance and declared event preference, will be published the Monday evening after Age Group Championship.
6. Traditional eligibility and selections requirements, such as participation in 4 CSI sanctioned meets since September 1, and having a minimum of AA times are also delineated in the attachment.

Coaches, it is of our mutual interest in having no athlete unaware of the pre-registration process for Zone Team selection. CSI is sending this communication to all USA registered coaches in the LSC for the purpose of fulfilling its obligation to proactively get this information out to all CSI swim clubs (CSI will also have available this information readily accessible on the website).

Coaches, upon receipt of this email, it now becomes the obligation of each CSI swim club to proactively pass this information on to all of its CSI registered athletes.

Please understand, CSI will bear no responsibility regarding swimmers/families not having been communicated this pre-registration procedure and Zone eligibility requirements.