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Team Communication – Buenaventura Swim Club

January 30, 2017


Swim Meet Schedule.  Entries for the upcoming Conejo Simi Blue/Red/White meet are due tonight at midnight! This is a perfect meet for just about everybody in our age group program!  Pre-Competitive group swimmers, why not try out an event or two?  Please go online and sign your swimmer up ASAP.  Also, if you plan to attend the Q-Meet (proof of time required), entries are due Monday, February 6th.  Finally, if you plan to attend the Golden West Senior Meet (Saturday only/Senior Group Only), entries are due Monday, February 6th at midnight. 

Dinner Fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen – Thursday, February 2nd.  Please support Buenaventura Swim Club & Ventura County Masters by having lunch or dinner at CPK any time from 11am to 10pm on Thursday, February 2nd.  The address is 3301 E. Main Street Ste. 1150, Pacific View Mall, Ventura CA, 93003.  Purchases include dine in, take out, catering and all beverages.  You must bring the CPK Flyer with you and mention Buenaventura Swim Club and 20% of our order will be donated to our club. The flyer is attached to this email. Enjoy!

Annual Swim A Thon Fundraiser.   Please be advised, we are hosting our annual Swim A Thon Fundraiser on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017.  Our goal is to raise $20,000.  You can learn more by clicking the “Swim A Thon” logo on the home page of our website,  Donations can be made online right from our website, however, be advised, there is a $3.95 processing fee charged by Team Unify.  If you would like to avoid this fee, you can mail donations to Buenaventura Swim Club, P.O. Box 3934, Ventura CA, 93006.  Be sure to denote your swimmers name and training group.  The fun news is that we will be swimming an “Open Water” format this year.  Buoys will be placed in the water and our swimmers will need to swim around the buoys without touching a wall.  We are still considering adding some “on land” portion to the event.  Stay tuned! 

Swimmer in the Spotlight and Team Newsletter.  I am pleased to announce that we are reinstating both our “Swimmer in the Spotlight” (SIS) as well as our Team Newsletter (The Wave) very soon.  It was unfortunate that both publications had to be put on hiatus, but we always intended to bring them back and the time is now!  Both publications will be bi-monthly.  The “Swimmer in the Spotlight” highlights an athlete from every group within our program.  This includes the gym, masters, triathletes, and our traditional structure.   Our goal is to recognize a swimmer who stands out from his/her peers by one of various mechanisms.  Perhaps they bring perfect attendance, coupled with the best attitude.  Maybe they simply work harder and smarter than anyone else.  Or, maybe it is simply, they charm their coach the best!  Regardless of how/why, their coach clearly thinks highly enough of them to recognize them by posting their picture and submitting a brief write up about them.  The Team Newsletter will feature articles from coaches as well as outside aficionados.  Both will be emailed out to the membership and will also be kept on our website for easy referral. 

Like us on Facebook.  If you have not already done so, please visit our Facebook page and be sure to “like us” so you can see important updates and news about our team!  We are called ‘Buenaventura Swim Club and Ventura County Masters’.