Parent Education: Sports Psychology
Who: Mariner Parents
What: Sport Psychology Talk
When: Monday February 13 @ 6:30 pm
Where: McCarthy Room
Topicsfor parents:
How do psychological factors affect athletic performance?
How does participation in sports and exercise affect psychological and physical factors?
What is “grit”, and can it be taught?
What is value of team sports vs. individual sports in children? 
What role do the parents play?  The teammates?
How to parent, support, and guide your athlete through developmental stages…


In sports, everybody knows about talent. Talent is simply a gift, but what you do with your talent will set you on a grand adventure.  
In this talk, Dr. Labellarte will explain how to know your inner athlete, how to visualize winning, how to prepare for competition, how to honor your teammates, and how to have fun.

As a former high school and collegiate athlete, Michael Labellarte, M.D. knows what it takes to compete.  An accomplished child and adolescent psychiatrist who is an expert on personality and behavior, Dr. Labellarte will offer his ideas to the swimmers and their parents on leveraging personal strengths, optimizing preparation, and improving individual performance not just in swimming, but in life. His practices in Baltimore, Columbia, and Annapolis. The practice’s website