SOLO Meet Rules Feb 11&12

The SOLO Swimmers Rock!

The SOLO Parents Rock!

The SOLO February 11 & 12 Meet was another outstanding showing of what the program is all about! Coming together to learn, be healthy, have fun and grow to be a little better each day! And I am very proud to say that we pulled these things off with a smile this weekend.

Performance results are just a small way to check to see how we are doing. The other key way is to watch to see the improvement in skill and to have an understanding for improvement. Every swimmer was able to enjoy this success. As a couple of the Dynamos showed they were a little rusty after the winter break. And the high school swimmers showed the season of hard training has begun. The following efforts were key signs for these swimmers:

Riley A  BT 50 br, 100 bk & fr

Nathalie B  BT 50 fr, 100 bk & 200 fly

Xan C  BT 100 fr & 200 bk

Sela D  BT 100 fr, 200 bk & 400 IM

Tzew D  BT 50 br & bk, 100 br & fly, 200 IM

Emile F  BT 50 bk, 100 br & IM

Ron F  BT 100 bk & fr, 200 IM

Kate G  BT 50 bk & fr

Roan H  BT 25 & 50 br

Jordan J  BT 25 fly

Kobi J  BT 100 fr, 200 IM, fly & bk

Elena K  BT 100 fr

Adrian K  BT 50 fly, fr & bk, 100 fr, bk & IM

Lara K  BT 50 fly, 100 bk & IM, 200 bk, IM & fr

Karis L  BT 50 bk, 100 fr & IM

Sam L  BT 200 fr & br

Julia M  BT 50 bk, 100 fr & bk, 200 IM & fr

Lily M  BT 100 fr & br

Drew N  BT 50 br, 100 IM & fr, 200 & 400 IM

Ella N  BT 50 fr, fly & br, 100 IM, fr &  bk, 200 fr

Kaelyn S  BF 200 fr

Lulu S  BT 50 br (NEW FW), 100 IM & fr, 200 fr, bk, IM (NEW JO), br (NEW FW & Team Record)

Carson S  BT 200 fr & br, 400 IM

Alexandra W  BT 100 bk, IM & fr, 200 bk, br & fr

Aaron W  BT 50 bk & 100 fr

Asher W  BT 50 br & 100 bk 

Congratulations to all on your effforts and time drops. The "Swimmer Of The Meet Award" is getting crazy! For this meet we had four swimmers with all best swims taking the prize Adrian & Lara K., Ella N and Alexandra W. And just out of the running we with Honorable Mention missing by just one swim were Tzewa D, Julia M, Drew N and Lulu S. Lulu slammed down new Junior Olympic, Far Western and Team Record Times! It is a tough bunch to get to the top slot!

Thank You Parents! Again we could not have pulled this one off without the amazing efforts of a few our parents! A special "High Five" to the Dingpontsawa and Kunze Briseno families who were at the meet all day both days! I am truly greatful for all the support the program has from all. Awesome Job!