Please support of Fluvanna Penguin Plungers

Last year Brennan King and I were the top fund raisers for the 18 & Under and Adult category.  This year we are both at a state championship along with many of our high school swimmers so we are asking for your help.

We have two coaches and five kids currently registered to do the Fluvanna Penguin Plunge this saturday.  It is not to late to register to do the plunge this year and if you do please let me know and I will be proud to be one of your sponsors.  

If you cant plunge, I am encouraging you to show your support for any of our swimmers or coaches that are.  

Here is the link to the web site: - select support a plunger and look for

Ben Nalle
Nathan Johnson

Anthony Caruso
Josh Hodges
Laura Hernandez
Tyler Davis
Amhad Woodson
Vaile Altherr
Farist Girls

When you sponsor - please leave a personal comment.  I loved reading mine last year. Each comment touched my heart.

Thank you so much for your help,

Coach Cos