SOLO @ PASA 2/25 & 26

The SOLO Rock Stars kept pushing through this crazy month!

As a general rule we like to have our swimmers go to meets about one time a month. And the time to really make changes takes about three weeks. For the first time in a long time we found the schedule lined up to have swimmers racing three weekends in this short month. The results have been really good. But it has been a fight to get excited about pushing so hard. So a big hand to all the swimmers on outstanding work!

I special thank you to all the parents of course who have packed the car, woke the swimmers in the dead of night, cooked the meals, and help host our meets andýtimed the lanes!

The results are in for best swims below!

Roan H  BT 25 fr, 25 & 50 bk

Julia M  BT 50 br & 100 IM

Adrian K  BT 50 & 100 br, *** 2x50 fr WOW!

Nathalie B  BT 100 fly, 200 fr & bk

Lara K  BT 100 fr & br

Karis L  BT 50 bk & 100 fr

Ella N  BT 50 bk

Lulu S  BT 50 bk, 100 br, fl & IM

Robbie K  BT 50 bk, 100 fr & br

Drew N  BT 100 & 200 fr, 50 & 200 bk, 100 br & fl

Sela D  BT 100 fr & 200 IM

Carson S  BT 100 fr, 200 IM & 500 fr

Lucy K  BT 100 bk & 200 fr

Katelynn F  BT 100 bk & 200 fr

Kaelyn S  BF 100 bk

Congratulations to all!

On a special note: the award for "Swimmer Of The Meet" goes to Drew N who has been throwing down best swims all season and just off by a small amount. He has swum 34 races dropping minutes of time in all and has added in just eight of the swims by as little as .02 holding him from the top slot. His continued dedication and support of other swimmers is what SOLO is all about! Thank you Drew!