Northern Sierra Swimming Achieves USA Swimming Level 4

Level 4

WE as a TEAM just achieved a Level 4 ranking, the highest level in USA Swimming's Club Recognition Program! Only two organizations in SNS have achieved the Level 4 status, California Capital Aquatics and now US!!! ….Northern Sierra Swimming.

USA Swimming’s Club Development Committee looked at many different factors that make "great" clubs when they developed the USA Swimming Club Recognition Program. They came up with checklists for each of the following four major component areas:

  1. Business & Organizational Success 
  2. Parent & Volunteer Development 
  3. Coach Development & Education 
  4. Athlete Development & Performance

We had to check off multiple items in each of these 4 areas at all 4 levels!!!

All of YOU played a part in us achieving our Level 4 Recognition.  These are only a few of the things that were on the checklists to get us to Level 4:

  • Our Parent Officials
  • Parents helping to Host meets
  • Our Virtual Club Ranking
  • Our IMX scores
  • Our Coaching Staff - their experience and their participation in the LSC
  • Our Swimmers placing at high level meets
  • Our Mission
  • Season Plans
  • Our business policies
  • Continuing Education

A big thank you and congratulations to our Northern Sierra Team!