Weekly News (March 6-12)

Hello all Panthers,

What a big weekend; 19 teams and over 650 swimmers all coming together at ISB for an amazing experience!

Thanks so much to all the parent volunteers, I know putting on that yellow shirt and getting the job done is not always easy. But please know that it is appreciated and noticed. I was peppered with compliments all weekend surrounding the high level of parent participation at the meet.

Thanks to our tireless parent committee, I am continuously amazed at how much you can do for an event to make it better and better. All teams were amazed at the extras this meet has for all its participants. That is why they continue to make this competition their premier travel meet on their calendar. 

Thanks to the swimmers for putting forth their best effort and collecting so many PB swims the coaches are going to have put in their whole day off today just counting them all up! Your coaches will review your swims with you this week.

As a swim team we need to thank the ISB staff that were so instrumental in pulling off a meet of this size. So when you walk by Mr. Connor and the CAO office, the aquatics staff and the B&G staff this week, please stop and say thank you. We are so fortunate to have such an amazing resource like these folks here at ISB.


Important Notes:


Reminder: No practices today!

Please take today and rest from our big weekend. See you back at practice tomorrow.


BISAC Selections this week:

This week the coaches will be putting together the BISAC selection teams and contacting families. As I said earlier, please do not commit to this meet only if you are sure you will participate. We do not want any cancelations at the last moments. March 25th is the 10 and under day, March 26th is the 11 and over day. These are all day events.

Parent Teacher conferences:

Practices will be on as normal.


Lap it up shirts:

Please bring in before Splash weekend. For new swimmers, you will receive your new shirt after we get splash swims on them.


Caps and Swim Suits: Last chance this week!

If you still do not have your new swimsuit or cap, come see me at the 50 m pool this week.


Remaining Calendar of events:


March 25/26

BISAC Championships

April 3

ISB Jr. “Kickoff” Swim Meet

April 21-23

United World College Dragons Den (Singapore)

May 13

ISB Pentathlon Swim Meet




That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,