Silver Championship Results
The Marauders were busy this past weekend at the Silver Championship meet at RPI. Twenty four swimmers attended the meet and 14 placed in the top 16. Placing for the Marauders was: 

Elyse Altland: 9th-50 Back, 4th-100 IM, 15th-100 Back, 1st-200 Free, 16th-100 Fly, 16th-200 IM, 3rd-50 Fly

Nora Heffernan-Smith: 10th-25 Back, 3rd-25 Breast, 8th-50 Free, 8th-25 Fly, 8th-25 Free 
Braeden McManus: 10th-25 Back, 2nd-50 Free
Molly Harper: 12th-50 Back, 9th-100 Free, 4th-200 Free, 9th-100 Back, 2nd-50 Fly, 1st-100 Breast, 1st-100 IM
Catherine Bitteker: 16th-50 Back, 14th-100 Free, 13th-50 Free, 12th-50 Fly
Emily Tibbetts: 11th-50 Breast, 12th-100 Free, 4th-50 Fly, 16th-100 IM
James Murphy: 10th-50 Breast, 15th-50 Fly
Shay Callanan: 6th-100 IM, 5th-100 Back, 14th-50 Free, 6th-50 Fly, 8th-200 Free
Anthony Mazzola: 15th-200 Free, 13th-100 Breast, 13th-50 Free, 16th-100 Back, 10th-100 Fly
Zach LaForest: 1st-50 Free, 15th-100 Back, 8th-100 Fly, 4th-100 Free 
Zoey Zazzaro: 12th-100 IM
Grace Burhans: 15th-100 Fly, 16th-100 Free
Iris Nofziger: 9th-50 Free
Perrin Marion: 16th-50 Fly 
In addition, Molly Harper was a high point trophy winner (2nd place) in the 9-10 girls age group 
Also competing and posting best times for the Marauders was: Amelia Zazzaro, Isabel Mazzola, Logan Parizo, Ariana Monegro-Vilchez, Lexie Pedersen, Greta Bitterer, Elijah Nofziger, Aislinn McManus, Gabe Nesbit and Mary Mendez. 
The Marauders will complete their season in 2 weeks at the Gold Championship meet at RPI in Troy, NY.