Coaches and Club Contact:
Please find below letters from John Scaldini, Zone Coordinator and athletes Connor Hunt and Meghan Lynch. Please forward to your club's member athletes/parents.

—- John Scaldini, CT Zone Chair

9PM, Tuesday March 14 is the deadline to preregister for Zones.
Remember that all swimmers with the desire to participate with the CT Zone Team MUST pre register before the March 14th Deadline. I want to encourage any and all 13&Over swimmers that are not participating in another meet such as YMCA Nationals or Sectionals to consider going to Zones especially if they just missed a QT for these meets and could use one more good shot to get their times for next year. Zones offers wonderful competition for 13&Over swimmers including chance to participate in Relays along with their CT Teammates. Even if you have a swimmer that isn’t in the top 25 on CTswim if they are available for the trip (March 29-April 3) please register them so we can see if they qualify for any events.
Please let me know if you have any questions,

—- Connor Hunt ( 8 Time CT Zone Teamer)
Having been fortunate enough to attend Zones several times, I can honestly say I have had some of the best swim experiences in my life there.  One of the greatest things about being part of the CT Zone Team is the team aspect.  Everything from traveling to rooming to eating meals is done with the team, so you really get to know your teammates and develop a strong camaraderie.  It is fun to meet new people and become friends with swimmers you will see at future meets.  Another aspect I like about going to Zones is the support you get from the team.  It is a challenge to race against some of the top competitive swimmers in the Eastern Zone.  When your teammates and coaches line up behind the lane to cheer you on, there is an energy that makes you excited to swim even faster.  Outside of racing, you also get to trade caps with people from areas like Virginia and Metropolitan and spend the last night celebrating with the CT team.  All in all, attending Zones is a great, memorable experience!

—- Meghan Lynch’s (8 Time Zone Teamer) Top Ten Reasons to Go to Zones!
10. Awesome new friends from all over ct
9.  Cool clothing and backpack
8.  The bus ride!
7.  The best competition around
6.  Trading caps with swimmers from other teams
5.  Excellent food
4.  Saturday night dance party
3.  Awesome coaches
2.  Everyone supporting and cheering for each other