BISAC Week News

Hello Panthers,

This is our last week before the BISAC Championships are upon us. There should be plenty of excitement at practice this week and this goes for all swimmers on the team. For those not part of the selection squads, you need to keep working hard and improve those skills so that next year you get your turn!

For those swimmers gearing up for the big meet, here is another good Meet Day Nutrition article; I can not stress enough how important it is to eat smart during a swim meet.


Important Notes:


BISAC Send off party on Friday March 24th at 2:30pm (BISAC Team Shirts will be handed out at this time):

As with all other big events on our team, we will be celebrating our BISAC teams and send them off with a little party Friday night. This is an all-ages practice and everyone is welcome. It is essential that all BISAC team members come to this practice.


May 11th Jr. Panther Squad Swim Meet Canceled for Pentathlon:

As we have said all year, all Jr. Panther Squads are now regular squads on our team and should swim in the Pentathlon meet along side their teammates. This meet was planned last year when the Jr. Panther Club was separate. It will be removed from the schedule next year.


Water Polo 5-week program to start after BISAC (March 28th, 3:30-5:00pm):

For all Middle School and older swimmers who would like to add another water sport to their schedule. ISB will be running a five-week program after school to keep the interest in Water Polo going. If you would like to play please come on March 28th


Team and Squad Photos on April 19th at 2:30

Please plan on attending the photo session even if you do not swim. These are great keep sakes that will be given out at our year end awards dinner.


Coach Gai taking a leave of absence:

For personal family reasons, Coach Gai will be taking the rest of this school year off from coaching with the Panther Swim Team. I know that we all wish him the best, and will miss him on deck. As for squad coverage, we always keep our coach to swimmer ratio low and will have no trouble covering for a missing coach. If you have any questions, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Remaining Calendar of events:



March 25/26

BISAC Championships

April 3

ISB Jr. “Kickoff” Swim Meet

April 21-23

United World College Dragons Den (Singapore)

May 13

ISB Pentathlon Swim Meet




That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,