Weekly News (March 27-April 1)

Hello all Panthers,

Wow, what a weekend! Thanks to all of our BISAC participants that represented our school, and our team with amazing style and grace. Saturday at Shrewsbury or Jr. BISAC team improved drastically on their performance from the year before, improving to 3rd overall from 4th and accumulating 220 points more. The Jr. Boys made the biggest improvement moving up from 5th last year, to 3rd this year…great effort boys. Our 9-year-old girls came up just short again this year trailing NIST by 6 points for the championship trophy.

In the Sr. BISAC Championships we also saw a big improvement over the prior year’s results. This year the boys and girls team earned the points equally, with each squad grabbing just over 750 points each. Honorable mentions went out to the 11/12 girls and 15&over girls who came with in 6 and 9 points respectively of bring home the age-group trophy. Congratulations to our 15&over boys who successfully defended their championship title against a very fast NIST and Patana boy’s team.

Thanks to all the parents for your support in the very hot sun, as we always say…without you we can not do what we do.

Side note: Practice today is optional for all BISAC swimmers, I have also given the BISAC coaches the day off after spending two long days on pool side. Those lucky swimmers in attendance today will have me as their replacement coach (if the lightning goes away, it is 80% for 3:00pm today)


Important Notes:


Remembering Anthony Faseler (Monday, April 3rd at 2:30pm)

As emailed out last week, our “Kick Off Jr. Meet” will be postponed to April 24th so that our team can attend the ceremony and we can show our respects to the Faseler family (who will be in attendance). Further more, all practices for this day will also be cancelled for the same reasons, please feel free to attend another day that week to make up for your training session.

Thanks for understanding and please do your best to represent the team at the tree planting ceremony in the garden plaza; between the high school math quad and the CC building if you can (wearing Panther Swim Team black shirt).


April 6th: No school and no swimming:

This is a Thai staff holiday and there are no lifeguards and no other Thai staff on duty at ISB, so we cannot hold practice that day. There will be on Friday, April 7th just to get one more practice in before the Songkran break.


Water Polo 5-week program to this week (March 28th, 3:15-5:00pm):

I have spoke with Coach Vaughn and Coach Rutherford and they are extremely excited for the start of our water polo program this season. This is for all Middle School and older swimmers who would like to add another water sport to their schedule. If you are interested please come to the 50m pool on Tuesday.


Team and Squad Photos on April 19th at 2:30

Please plan on attending the photo session even if you do not swim. These are great keepsakes that will be given out at our year end awards dinner.


Year End Celebration and Awards Dinner…coming up before you know it (May 24th 2:30-6:00)

For those of you new to the team, this is the event you do not want to miss. Last year we had 95% of the team attend and it was tons of fun.

Here is what we have:

2:30-4:30: Family Swim Meet

All parents and siblings invited to swim with the coaches and swimmers. We have family relays, 25m “sprints” with your kids and the head to head matches with the coaches. Last year we had over 30 parents take part, please let’s see if we can top that this year. You can put together your own relay with other families or just your own (like the Peters family with Mom/Dad and the two girls). Sign up today by emailing me your relay or individual events you would like to swim.

4:45-6:00: Dinner and Awards

This year we will be serving a delicious meal and handing out awards in the gym here at the New Sports Center (same gym we use for swim meets). The food is fantastic, the entertainment is sometimes funny and the kids have so much fun. A dinner sign up link will be coming out soon…so please everyone put this date on your calendar TODAY!


Remaining Calendar of events:



April 21-23

United World College Dragons Den (Singapore)

April 24th

ISB Jr. “Kickoff” Swim Meet

May 13th

ISB Pentathlon Swim Meet

May 24th

Panther Swim Team Year-End Party



That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,