Sombrero Championship Meet Results


Sombrero Championship results:

The HOT (Heart of Texas) Swim team returned home last Sunday night (April 1, 2017) after a three-day Sombrero Championship meet at the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio.  The HOT Team finished in second place out of 13 teams from south Texas. HOT posted 89 percent ‘Best Times’ out of 109 total individual events. The local Team captured first place in both Girls 200-yard Freestyle Relays but lost out to the Laredo Nadadores who ended up with a remarkable 90 percent ‘Best Times’ winning score. The final meet in the Sombrero Series determined the winner of the ‘prized’ sombrero and gives that team the right to hang the Sombrero in their home pool with the other championship meet awards.  The weather Sunday morning played a heavy role in the meet.  Some of the local swimmers failed to swim their events Sunday because of the tornado threats, heavy rain and hail during their early morning trip to San Antonio. Heavy lighting at the University of Incarnate Word natatorium caused further meet start delays.  Once the severe weather cleared, the meet continued without further incident.

The following 21 swimmers all contributed to the high percentage of ‘Best Times’ with every swim.

Swimmers who placed in the top eight overall for their age group are reported here:

Ammal Aysheh (8) gained four ‘Best Times’ in her 100 & 50 Free, the 50 Back and Breast.

Nafiseh Aysheh (10) swam five new ‘Best Times’ in her 100 & 50 Free, the 100 IM and her 50 Breast & Back.

Eleanor Burns (10) also set five new ‘Best Times’ at the meet in the 100 & 50 Free, in the 50 Back & Breast and garnered a “BB” record time in her 100 IM.

Kieran Ferriere (15) set five new ‘Best Times’ and placed 8th in the 100 Free, 3rd in his 50 Back and 2nd in the 50 Breast.

Maia Fuchs (10) placed 8th in her 100 Free, 7th in the 50 Fly, 6th in the 50 Back and the 50 Free and 5th in her 50 Breast. Five out of six swims were new ‘Best Times’.

Anna Kate Goodson (11) placed 4th in the 200 Free and 3rd in the 200 IM.  She placed 3rd in the 50 Free and 6th in the 500 Free (all “BB” times).  Her other 50 yard swims earned her a 3rd in the Fly and a 2nd in Breaststroke and four out of seven ‘Best Times’.


Graham Hammond (15) placed 1st in the 100 IM and earned an “A” record time.  He placed 2nd in the 200 Free and 3rd in the 100 Breast and 50 Free (all four ‘Best Times’).

Jackson Johnson (9) placed 5th in his 50 Breast, 4th in the 100 IM & 100 Free and 3rd in the 100 Breast. He swam six for six personal ‘Best Times’.

Madeleine Jones (6) swam four for four ‘Best Times’ at her first sanctioned USAS meet. She placed 8th in her 50 Fly.

Elijah Junker (11) placed 3rd in the 100 Fly, 6th in the 100 Breast & 100 IM and 7th in his 200 Free (all four ‘Best Times’).

Leah Junker (9) placed 2nd in her 50 Back, 5th in the 50 Free and 7th in the 100 IM, (all ‘Best Times’).

Kenley Kiehne (8) swam two ‘Best Times’ in her 100 IM and 50 Back in her second meet. Kenley was also a member of the First-Place 10 & under Girls 200 Free relay Team.

Cassidy Kothmann (8) swam five new ‘Best Times’ at this meet and was a member of the First-Place Girls 10 & under 200 Free relay Team.

Kate McDonald (14) placed 1st in the 50 Free (“A” time standard), 2nd in her 100 Free,3rd place in the 50 Back and 4th in the 200 IM. Kate finished the meet with five new ‘Best Times’ and anchored in the First-Place Girls 12 and over 200 Free relay Team.

Nichlas Mikosh (12) placed 5th in his 50 Fly and 7th in the 50 Back. Nichlas bettered his times in five of six events with new ‘Best Times’.

Amanda Phelps (13) placed 8th in the 100 Free, 6th in her 200 IM and 5th in her 50 Free. All six of her swims were ‘Best Times’.  Amanda also helped win First-Place in the Girls 200 Free Relay.

George Stenberg (10) placed 1st in his 50 Breast and 100 Back, 2nd in the 200 Back and 200 IM, 3rd in his 50 Free and 4th in the 100 Free. George reached “BB” record times in his 100 Back, 200 IM and 50 Back.  He also swam five new ‘Best Times’ at the meet.

Alexandra Van Epps (14) gained ‘Best Times’ in all three of her events and placed 7th in the 50 Free and 6th in the 100 IM. Alexandra helped the older girls win the First Place in the 200 Free relay.

Katy Van Epps (10) placed 7th in her 100 Back, 6th in the 100 IM, 5th in the 50 Fly and 4th in both the 50 Breast and 100 Free.  Katy swam ‘Best Times’ in all four of her events and recorded “BB” time standards for her 100 Back and 50 Breast. She was also part of the winning 10 & under girls 200 Free relay Team.

Katarina Walker (16) placed 3rd in the 50 Free (“BB” time), 4th in the 100 IM, 5th in the 50 Back and 6th in both the 100 Breast and the 200 Free. She led off the First-Place girls 200 Free relay.

Alice Welder (8) established four ‘Best Times’ during the meet and swam one leg of the First-Place winning girls 10 & under 200 Free relay team.

“I was especially proud of the Team because of the encouragement they gave each other during every event. You could tell they have really become a ‘Team’ in the best since.  There was no question when a athlete from HOT was competing.  The Team went wild with every win but more importantly they congratulated our young, first-time swimmers and passed words of encouragement to everyone” Coach Carr said.

The Team’s next meet will be the first ‘long-course’ (50 meter) meet of the summer season.  The traditional ‘Cinco de Mayo’ International Invitational meet will be in San Antonio on May 5th,6th &7th and will have at least two large teams from Monterey, Mexico.  The meet is so large that it has minimum time standards for entry. Coach Carr is hoping to take at least twelve local swimmers to this fun event.