Northern Area Partners
NA Champs Awards

 This award ceremony has been done at the Northern Area Champs meet for quite a few years.  The ceremony is held during the potluck lunch on Saturday.  It is informal and fun! Parents may want to have notice of the awards, for there is time for pictures.  Again this year we will be awarding stained-glass picture frames.  They will be similar to last years.
Not every team will have swimmers for each category. That is OK!

Future Stars: one boy and one girl per team-  8U, 9&10, 11&12, 13 & 14, 15&O

Stellar Moves: swimmer who is consistently considerate and helpful - 1 per team

Big Dipper: swimmer who consistently reaches way down deep to finish strong and hard on challenging sets and/or races - 1 per team

Nova Award: All around complete swimmer.  They are fast and hard working - 1 per team.

Please be working on your graduating seniors list.  And please check to see if they will be swimming or volunteering at the Northern Area Champs meet (specifically Saturday! there will be a short recognition for them, as well as the above awards).