Safe Sport 4/19/2017
Volume 21
April 2017
The purpose of this newsletter is to provide a foundation that allows for direct on-going communication with each of you. Information contained within will cover the most current Safe Sport related information. If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions, please email us at safesport@usaswimming.org  
Zone Workshops!
The first zone workshop was held for the Southern Zone April 7-8 in Atlanta, GA. There were ten LSC Safe Sport Chairs in attendance and the weekend was very productive. The chairs came together, participated in great discussion and brainstormed ways to get new Safe Sport Champions on board and spread the Safe Sport message. The other three zone workshops are quickly approaching. If you are able to attend, please come prepared to work just as hard as the Southern Zone chairs. They sure did set the bar high! Your voice is invaluable and we can’t wait to see all the work that comes from these workshops.
Maryland Parent Initiative!
For the second year in a row, Maryland Swimming ran a parent training incentive program. The goal was for each team to have as many parents as possible complete the parent athlete protection training. The team with the most completions won a pizza party! The initiative lasted for two months and the numbers were really great. Over the two months 2,110 parents completed the training, with participation from approximately 20 different teams. Kudos to Maryland Swimming, this is FANTASTIC!!!! For more information on how to run a similar effort in your LSC, please contact Safe Sport Education Specialist Maggie Vail at mvail@usaswimming.org.
Tabling Events. It’s not hard at all!

A great way to spread the Safe Sport message is by taking advantage of the times that you already have a group of swimming people together. This might be at a meet or maybe your LSC’s House of Delegates meeting. By simply providing an opportunity for someone to come by and ask questions or take a piece of educational material, you are creating a space for people to familiarize themselves with Safe Sport.  What opportunities are coming up in your LSC where you can table?

New Website!
As many of you have probably noticed, the USA Swimming website looks a little different. The new USASwimming.org will provide a more productive way for users to find and access information. Please take a little time to explore the Safe Sport section at www.usaswimming.org/protect, familiarizing yourself with where to find things again. The following links will be the same:
We encourage you to make sure that the links you have on your LSC’s web page are functional and to forward this information to the clubs in your LSC and suggest that they make sure that their links are up to date as well. 
Regional Coach Clinics!
Coach educational opportunities are a critical component to the betterment of our swimming communities. Eight times a year, there are regional coach clinics held throughout the country. These conferences provide education for both the wet and dry side of the sport. Clinics are open to all swimming coaches regardless of their USA Swimming membership. At these clinics attendees have a chance to learn about Safe Sport and the resources available to them to assist in creating a positive environment on their teams.
If you have a Safe Sport question or concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.