Olympian Elizabeth Beisel in Fayetteville!


Olympian ELIZABETH BEISEL is coming to Fayetteville!
Ready for the most exciting news of all time!?!?! The Fitter and Faster Swim Tour is coming back to Fayetteville- with Olympian ELIZABETH BEISEL!

Our team has 48 hours to use promo code COACHOSCAR for $40 off! After the 48 hours, our team discount will only be $ sign up TODAY!

Elizabeth will be in the pool working with participants on: (check curriculum- different for each age group)

Key components of a faster freestyle
How to approach the wall and carry your speed through your flip turns
Efficient and effective underwater dolphin kicking
IM transitions
Click on the links below for all session details and registration! When you register, don't forget your promo code! It ONLY LASTS 48 hours!
11 & Under:…/fast-freestyle-and-turns-11-u…

12 & Over:…/underwater-dolphin-kicking-an…