Swim Club Fundraising Details - NEW approach

The WGB board is moving towards approving suggested fundraiser events that parents or members bring forward in a timely manner.

Ideas from members may include, but not be limited to:  FireSmart, FundScrip, Steeped Tea, YG Road cleanup, Canada Day food tent, Xmas party drivers, coat checks, Swim-a-thon, 

You bring the idea forward with details to the board (meets monthly), and receive approval, recruit your own volunteers or create your posting on our website for others to get involved, provide a report of profit and sales to WGB Board,

then 20% of sales/profits given to the club having used our WGB name respectfully and in keeping our profile in good standing along with a brief report,

with the remaining monies (profits) split between the youth/swimmers working the event. Those that work the event directly benefit.


WGB swim club is keeping Bingo as a main fundraiser for the club for the 2017-2018 season with expectations for Brown Bears and up squads,

along with consideration for a couple other fundraisers - to be announced for all members to participate in and that benefit the entire club.