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Swimming season starts next week

Swim season starts in a week! May 1st
Just a reminder the first week of swimming is when kids will be assessed by the coaches to make sure they are in the correct groups. This includes Guppies.

Swim meets- All the swim meet dates are posted on the Website....mark your calendars!

Fundraising- Laura our fundraising coordinator will be at the pool during practice on May 1 & 3 to distribute raffle tickets. Please bring your deposit cheques with you. $100/main pool swimmer, $50/guppy, $200 max/family, payable to WOSC. Extra tickets are available as well if you're a super seller!

Registration fees - 2nd fee installment will be due May 1. Please bring to pool and pay directly to Heather our treasurer, online or by chq in our mail box at the pool.

Facebook - please sign up for our Facebook page. A lot of last minute info gets posted on it.


Pam WOSC communications coordinator