Letter From FAST President

FAST parents,

     My name is Danny Johnson, I'm the new president of FAST.  I would like to take a few minutes to bring you up to date on happenings with the team.

     I want to let you know that our entire board resigned due to personal reasons. A new board has been formed with the following people stepping into these rolls: I'm the president, Jay Hurdle is Vice President, Joe Caruso Treasurer and Elizabeth Bassett is secretary.

     Over the next few weeks the board will be going over all the information from the previous board, please be patient as we go through this.  In saying that, I have heard some concerns so I'm asking that everyone please keep track of your personal records just in case we have questions.

     The new board and Coach Coz are going to be run with the original values of FAST. The values include teaching our swimmers life values through the use of swimming. Our coaches are committed to training our swimmers to the highest level possible. Respect from our swimmers, coaches and family members is an expectation.

    I'm going to promise you transparency from our board and communication with parents. Secondly, I'm asking for support from you entering into a new and exciting time.  It can not be accomplished with out your help. In the past the only involvement was fund raising. This will still be needed, but you may be asked to help in other areas.

     Last, as your president I'm committed to your child, this team, and community.  Below I will have my phone number and email, please contact me with any comments or suggestions. FAST is about our children, our team, and our families. It's going to take all of us working together.  I look forward to our future.

Thank you,

Danny Johnson
FAST President
[email protected]