Personalized Cap Order DUE

The personalized cap order  is due this weekend.

For those that may have missed the first email,  you have the option of getting personalized  team silicone caps. It is $15 per cap and each name requires at least two caps. 

You do not need to purchase a personalized cap, we provide all swimmers with a latex team cap.

Please check the order I have below for accuracy. 

Payment will be made to Lake Kandle. Please pay by cash or check. I am sending D&Q the master list then paying in bulk. If you forget cash or check, there is a $2 per cap surcharge for credit card.

See below for current order. Please check for spelling and quantity errors.

Harkins 2
LaBar 2
Oliveti 2
Thomspon 2
Mortellite 4
Siggie 2
McGlinchey 4
Paleos 2
Fellona 2
Wyatt 2
Johnson 2
Middleton 2
Mecoli 4
Denton 2
Giardinelli 2
Maier 2
Poppa 2
Propert 2
Gallagher 2
Valle 2
Mollis 2
Skinner 2
Trewin 3
Barton 3
Dion 2
Branno 2
DeLuca 2
Crabtree 4
Vicente 2
Hagerty 2
Johnston 2
C. Ramirez 2
O'Brien 2
Lynch 2