Custom Cap Orders Due May 15th



Custom Cap Ordering

The OBBT Custom Cap Order Deadline is Monday, May 15th.


OBBT Caps (plain or custom) are REQUIRED at ALL MEETS.


What is a “Plain Cap?”

A Plain OBBT cap will have only “OBBT” listed on both sides of each cap.

Cost: $12 each, no minimum order required.

To order Plain Caps:

Go to the OBBT office, we have a stock of caps available for purchase.



What is a “Custom Cap?”

A Custom Cap will have your child’s LAST NAME listed under “OBBT” on both sides of each cap.

Cost: $30/set of 2 caps, 2 cap minimum order per last name.

To order Custom Caps:

Go to

(This link is also available under the “How Do I?” tab on the team website.)

Enter the LAST NAME for the caps and select a quantity. Payment will be charged directly to your OBBT account once the order is placed.



IMPORTANT TIP: All OBBT caps, plain or custom, will be thick Silicone caps for comfort and durability. 



Questions? Email me: [email protected]