Weekly Notes for May 8-13

Practices for May 8-13:  Regular schedules.    Includes Monday (No Gold-Platinum-Junior) and Tuesday/Thursday (JR's= 6:50-8:20 and SR's= 6:50-8:40).     Dryland... Wednesday (Platinum 4:25-5:00 and Juniors 4:40-6:10).

Meet Commitment Deadlines:  May 7 for the June Lincoln Meet.    May 14 for the June Watertown.

Brookings Marathon:  We will be providing assistance for the May 13 Brookings Marathon.  We need 10+ volunteers.  The assignments/tasks are posted in the Events Section...Brookings Marathon.  Also posted are the approximate times, how many workers needed at each station (as well as duties), and the location.       To Register for this the Job Signup link.  You can then register for working and how many will be volunteering.   Thank you in advance for your help!!!

Swimmer Pickup after Practices:  It's becoming more frequent with swimmer rides not arriving until 25+ minutes after practices are over.  PLEASE PICKU UP SWIMMERS 15-MINUTES AFTER PRACTICES!   We understand situations arise where this happens.  Please be respectful of the coaches time since we stay until all are picked up.   Thank you!