SOLO Hot at LAMV 2017 LC Meet in May

The swimming was fast again this year at the Los ALtos Mountain View Meet May 6 & 7, 2017! As Spring heats up so do many other activities. And this meet found other SOLO athletes involved in other meets and functions! However when we get to a meet, the swimmers are hot The team had almost two dozen participants over the weekend, which resulted in awesome personal attention!

Long Course (LC) swimming is the world standard of swimming. It is the distance used for the Olympics. While many hotels advertise Olympic size pools, we know there is a giant difference between 25 yards and 50 meters. One is that the meter pool is 10% longer, in addition 50 meters means you lose one streamline and burst of power from the wall! Short Course swimming starts in Sept and runs until April, and lets swimmers focus on technique and power in a way the LC doesn't. This actually helps the USA Swimmming program. But getting experience swimming 50 meters is a big help in the overall development of the athletes!

SOLO was represented by:

Xan C  BT 50 fr, 100 bk & 200 fr

Sela D  BT  50, 200 & 400 fr, 100 bk & 200 IM 

Tzewa D  BT 50 & 400 fr, 100 bk & 200 IM

Emile F  BT 50 fl & 100 fr

Ron F  BT 50 fl, 100 fr & 200 bk

Adrian K  BT 50 bk, 50 & 100 br, 100 fr & 200 IM

Elena K  BT 50 fr & br, 100 bk

Lara K  BT 50 bk & fr, 200 fr

Karis L  BT 50 fl, 100 br & fr

Julia M  BT 50 fl, 100 fr & br

Lily M  BT 50 fr, 100 bk & 200 br

Drew N  BT 50 fr, 100 fr & br, 200 bk, fr & IM

Evan R  BT 100 fl

Carson S BT 50 fr

Alexandra W  BT 100 br, 100 & 200 fr, 50 & 200 bk 

Congratulations to all the swimmers on wonderful performances!

Understanding how complex the situation is in looking at swims, takes great evaluation and research! The worst experience I have had, was when a parent was upset in the stands yelling at the staff for his daughters poor performance, while she was STILL swimming the 200 fr. Her splits showed, she had just swum her best 50 & 100 fr, and went on to swim her best 200 time. So it is a process, and getting excited for good and what might seem to be poor performances, is best solved with a hug from parents and a talk with the coach!

With all this info the "Swimmer Of The Meet" is awarded to Tzewa D and Adrian K! The heart break runners up were Drew N, Sela D, and Alexandra W who all just missed one best ever swim. Outstanding efforts and a high five to all! Get to the pool and build your next performance!