Weekly News (May 15-21)

Hello all Panthers,

I am sitting here looking at the blue sky and wondering why we didn’t get this beautiful day on Saturday for Pentathlon. Mother nature was not on our side I guess. But the swims we did get in were great…love to see us still improving all the way to the end of the year.

For our 8 & under swimmers, please make sure that you are entered in the Pentathlon events you missed (Breast/Freestyle) for our family Sprintfest swim meet coming up next week. They are still 25m races and your PB’s will still count…or school records for those looking at those.

At this moment we have just over 20 family relay teams, remember that these relay teams can be just friends also. Let me know who you want to swim with and I will enter you. Can be all ages, and girls and boys mixed…they are just fun relays. Remember your coaches will be in the relays and it is always fun to try and beat them.


Important Notes:


Volunteers needed for year end party:

If you have not volunteered yet this year, please sign up for the Sprintfest family meet, or email me to help out with the decorations and/or food set up. For Sprintfest, you can sign up on the website…for decorations please email me.


Super Duper Important Reminder:

Squad Award Days during practice May 22/23:

Your coaches have submitted their awards and they are being printed as we speak. There are some really fun ones that the coaches have come up with. These awards are for a good time and it is totally up to the coaches to pull out exactly what they think you mean to the squad.  For instance, Coach Ann would win the “crazy hat award”.

Remember we will be holding squad award days during practice on both Monday, May 22nd and Tuesday May 23rd. Please attend one of these two practices.



10 day countdown to Year End Celebration and Awards Dinner…Sign Up Today (May 24th 2:30-6:00)

So far we are just below 200 swimmers, not including parents…we are almost at our goal.

2:30-4:30: Family Swim Meet (sign up on webpage today)

We currently have over 20 relays signed up, so thanks so much. Remember that you can sign up relay teams with just friends and siblings also. Email me the relay teams with full names.


4:45-6:00: Dinner and Awards

This year we will be eating and handing out awards in the gym at the 50m pool, so it will be an easy transition from swimming to eating. Please sign up for the dinner on the following link so we have accurate numbers when ordering food.


Training continues on until the end of May:

May 31st is our last day of practice. The year end party is next Wednesday, but practices continue on after that.


Add training day in May for FREE:

If you are not sure if your swimmer is not ready for an extra day of training, you can try out this month for free. Just speak with your coach about what day would be best and then try it out for the next 5 weeks.



Remaining Calendar of events:



May 24th

Year End Sprint Fest 2017 (Year End Party)



That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,