Meet preparation
  1. Meets – Swimmers
    Before You Leave the House

Have on your:

Team suit
Team T-Shirt
Shorts/sweatpants (depending on the weather) Flip flops or gym shoes

Pack or help your parents pack: Note: Make sure each item is clearly labeled with your name.

  • ●  Goggles (at least two pair)

  • ●  Team Swim Cap (required for girls)**

  • ●  Water, Gatorade, or Propel*

Warm sweatpants** Books, cards, and/or


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  • ●  Large towels (at least two)

  • ●  Waterproof marker

  • ●  Warm hoodie/sweatshirt**

Sleeping bag to sit/lay on Blanket to keep warm
Sun protection

* These items are for sale at the Concessions area at home meets.

** These items are for sale at the Spirit Wear table at home meets.

IMPORTANT: Swimmers and other family members should NOT take balls, Frisbees, or any other type of throwing item to a meet.

3. Helpyourparentsgetreadytoleavethehouse,soyoucanarriveatthehome/awaypoolatleast15 minutes before warm-ups. You need sufficient time to check in, drop off your stuff in the team area, put on your goggles and swim cap, and walk to the blocks for warm-ups (or be ready and waiting to be called for warm-ups).

Once You Are at the Meet

1. Check In:

2. Go to the team area and drop off your stuff. All swimmers are asked to sit in the team area to help promote unity and for coaches to know where you are and notify you of any last minute changes.

3. Put on your goggles and team swim cap (required for girls at meets).

  1. Walktotheblocksforwarm-ups,orbereadyandwaitingintheteamareatobecalledto warm-ups. Warm-up order is:

    • ●  8 & Under Girls & Boys

    • ●  9-10 Girls & Boys

    • ●  11-12 Girls & Boys

    • ●  13-14 Girls & Boys

    • ●  15-18 Girls & Boys

  2. Warmupasinstructedbyyourcoaches.

    IMPORTANT:Allswimmersmustcheckinwiththeircoachespriortowarm-ups. I ftheir coaches have not heard from them by the end of warm-ups, they will be removed from the line-up to make room for their teammates and ensure all relays take place. It is recommended that you have a coach’s cell phone number in case of emergency on meet days.

  3. After you have warmed up, find out what events your coach has put you in. Events are posted on a big green vinyl banner with pockets for each age group.

    • ●  At a home meet, the green vinyl banner is located next to the bathrooms near the meet pool entrance.

    • ●  At an away meet, the green vinyl banner is hung in the team area. IMPORTANT: Please do not take the events sheets from a designated area.

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Swim Team Handbook


Coaches will try to email out lineups 12-24 hours prior to the meet. Parents/Swimmers should check their email to make sure attendance in the meet is accurate (i.e. in the meet if coming, not in the meet if not coming), and to see what events they will be swimming.

7. Write your events on your hand with a waterproof marker. This is an example with an explanation below:

3 200MR 5 2 13 50 FR 3
43 50 FL 1
53 50 BK 4

63 50 BR 2
71 200FR 6 3

Swim Team Handbook

Event Number

Event Name




200 Yard Medley Relay




50 Yard Freestyle




50 Yard Butterfly




50 Yard Backstroke




50 Yard Breaststroke




200 Yard Freestyle Relay



IMPORTANT: The order of the strokes is different for the Medley Relay and IM:

Stroke Order of Medley Relay

Breast Fly

Stroke Order of IM

Breast Free

  1. Returntothebullpenandwaitforthecoachestocometotheteamareaforfinalinstructionsand team cheer. The team cheer is located on the last page of this handbook.

  2. Listen and watch for your events. The announcer calls the events over the loud speakers, and the events are posted at the Clerk of Course.

    IMPORTANT: At a home meet, the Clerk of Course is located at the northwest end of the Spectator Observation Deck. At an away meet if you’re not sure where the Clerk of Course is located, check for a Clerk of Course sign to help you locate it.

  3. When your event is called to the Clerk of Course, make sure you have your goggles and team swim cap and walk to the Clerk of Course.

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If you are an 8 & Under swimmer, there will be a parent volunteer who will help you get to your events. Before your event, the parent volunteer will:

  • ●  Come to the team area.

  • ●  Call your name.

  • ●  Line you up with the other swimmers in the event.

  • ●  Lead you to the Clerk of Course.

  • ●  At the Clerk of Course, a parent volunteer will help you get your event card.

  1. From the Clerk of Course, you will take your event card and walk to the bull pen where a parent volunteer will line you up according to the lane you will swim in. You will sit in the bull pen, moving up a row as each event goes to the blocks.

  2. When the parent volunteer tells you that it is your turn to go to the blocks, you will take your event card and walk to the lane where you will be swimming. Wait until the timers are finished with the event before yours and then give the head timer for your event card. The head timer will ask your name to make sure that your name matches the one on the card.

    1. When your event is called, step up to the blocks, get into position, and listen for the start.

    2. Immediately after swimming your event, ask a timer for your time. Remember your time.

    3. Walk to the coaches’ area, and tell your coach your time.

    4. After you talk to your coach, return to the team area. Listen and watch for your next event.

IMPORTANT: While you are waiting for your next event:

  • ●  DO NOT hang out or play on the grassy hill or any other Cypress Cove area that is restricted during a home meet. (If you’re not sure if an area is restricted, ask your coach or a lifeguard.)

  • ●  DO NOT throw anything in the team area or any other area of the pool.

  • ●  DO NOT hang out or play in the locker rooms.

  • ●  DO NOT sit or stand in the bull pen or behind the blocks if you are not waiting for your event.

    Before You Leave the Meet/When the Meet is Over

    Note: You may leave a meet after your last event.



Pick up the trash in your area and throw it away.
Pack up all of your belongings.
Put away any deck chairs that you may have borrowed from the pool.

4. Make sure you have participated in all scheduled events. S wimmer’s leaving prior to completion of their last event (especially relays) will be subject to ineligibility to swim at subsequent meets, based on their coach’s discretion.