Weekly Notes for May 22-27

Practices for May 22-27:  Special Olympics is done so we added Gold-Platinum-Junior to Monday.  Friday...all practices are in the AM.  No practices Saturday & next Monday (Memorial Day).     We will start Summer/Outdoor Practices on Tuesday, May 30.  

Monday= Senior (3:45-5:45),  Silver (4-5),  Bronze (4:45-5:30),  Gold (5:30-6:45),  & Platinum-Junior (5:30-7).   Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday= regular schedules, except Thursday for SR's (8-10am) & JR's (8-9:30am).  Friday= Senior (6-8a), Junior (6:30-8a),  Platinum (7-8:30a),  Gold (8-9:15a),  Bronze & Silver (8:30-9:30a).    No Saturday  &  No Monday (5/29 Memorial Day).    Masters= regular times this week.

Updated Calendars:   The PDF Calendar has been updated for downloading.   The Group Calendars have also been updated.   The major change is for Masters which will be offered from 5:45-6:45AM on Monday & Friday.

Meet Commitment Deadlines:  Have extended some deadlines due to low swimmer commitments.  They are... Watertown (May 23...Tuesday);    Brookings (May 25...Thursday);   Mitchel  (June 4).      Watertown will be held in their 'new' Indoor, 25-YARD pool.

Swim America:   This is last week for Swim America.  We will resume Swim America in September.  No classes held in June since all the instructors will be lifeguarding.


Setting Up SMS   !  With Summer Storms...It's very important for families to have SMS Set-up for your accounts.  Laws dictate we can NOT swim for 30-minutes after the 'last sighting or hearing' of thunder or lightning.  It's quite common to cancel practices in the middle of a session due to weather.  It's also important for parents/guardians to have this set-up for when we activate SMS to be able to receive our Texts of Cancelled Practices.  Swimmers can also receive these messages by setting up SMS for their Iphones (see below).       To Activate your SMS follow these procedures  (is also found in the Team Unify Help & Training area):   1) Sign into your Team Unify website;  2) Click My Account in the side menu;  3) Fill in the Cell # in the SMS Field on that page;  4) Pick your Cell Carrier from the drop down list;  5) Click 'Save' in the upper right;  6) This will then send you a Verification Text code (some carriers may take a minute);  7) tap the text and you'll either receive a "Success" message or "Sorry that number is already been validated;  8) enter the 4 digit code fro mthe text in the Verification Code Field in your account and Click Verify;  9) Verified in Grean should appear above the SMS Number.   Parents can set up 2 different SMS Numbers to receive these messages.   For Setting up a Swimmer to Receive SMS Texting ... 1) Click Member above your account;  2) Click the swimmer name;  3) Fill in the Cell # and Carrier as you did in setting up your SMS Account.  Swimmers can have 1 SMS number in their account.