Weekly Notes for May 29-June 3

Meet Commitment Deadlines:  Mitchell is June 4.   If you missed the Brookings Barry asap.

SD Swimming All-Star Swim Camp:  In yesterdays News, a Flyer can be found for an October Swim Camp for South Dakota's top swimmers.  More information will be posted when received.

Practices for May 29 - June 3:  Monday...NO Practices!  

Tuesday & Wednesday...due to the cold evening temperatures, this Tuesday & Wednesday we'll practice in the AM's at the HS Pool.  Tuesday= SR (6:15-8:15am), JR (6:45-8:15am), Platinum (6:45-8:15am), Gold (4-5:15), Silver (4-5), Bronze (5-5:45).  Dryland for SR-JR-Platinum will be 8:25-9am.      Wednesday= Gold (8:15-9:30a), Silver (9:15-10:15a), Bronze (9:30-10:15a), SR (3:30 Dryland, 4:15-5:45 Swim), JR (4:15-5:45), Platinum (4:15-5:45).        The AM Practices for these days are NOT Correct in the Group Calendards...Go by this schedule.

Thursday-Friday-Saturday Practices:  Planning on Summer Schedule.  Will notify if we move AM's to HS.  See Schedule PDF (in Calendars) or Group Calendars.