Updates and Important Stuff after Week 1!

Swim Families!  Lots of great things happening in the upcoming weeks so I wanted to send you an update and some reminders.

Team Photos and Swim Team Opener Celebration is on Thursday, June 8th.  We are hosting a Pot Luck Dinner to be held after team photos outside the pool area.  BYOB, no glass or breakable containers.  Starts at 5:30. Please sign up here:

Time Trials are June 10th  They will begin at 8, with warm ups starting at 7:15 depending on ages.  We need everyone participating to sign up for a volunteer role on that day.  Please sign up through the site.  We are aware that there were some issues with the site yesterday and we had to rebuild the volunteering section.  If you have previously signed up to volunteer, you will need to do so again.  Sorry, I hate technology at times.  Special thanks to Jane for once again solving our tech issues!!  Some answers to questions I’ve heard this week about Time Trials:

·       What are Time Trials?  Great question!  We set up just like a meet—but it is with only our team.  They will swim in one or two races and this establishes their base times.  I’ve talked with some of you about how swimming is a great sport to compete against yourself—you start at this time for this event, and hopefully improve each meet.  Because it is set up like a meet, we need all of our regular volunteers—timers, folks to help out in the zoo and get our swimmers to their seats on time.  This is a great way for a first swimmer and first-time parents to have a run-through of an event before a “real meet.”

·       How long will it last?  We expect to be done by 10 a.m.

·       Will there be food there?  We are excited to announce that Jude Donato has volunteered to bring his grill and make flapjacks that day for everyone.  Also,special thanks to Michelle Bright for making sure there is coffee and juice to go with those flapjacks!! 

·       HUGE Thanks to Jane McKlveen and Veronica Kustowski for leading the time trials while I am out of town at my grandmother’s memorial.  I am sorry to miss it, but know things are in great hands!

Muffin Monday on June 19th.  It’s going to feel early to our swimmers on their first morning practice.  To make their morning a little easier, we are hosting Muffin Monday for that first a.m. practice.  Please sign up here:

Freeze Pops for Fun Fridays.  We like to offer freeze pops to our swimmers after Friday practices.  If you would like to donate freeze pops for a Fun Friday practice, please sign up here:

It is hot and buggy right now.  You may want to bring extra water, sun screen and bug spray.   I know I was surprised with some extra cute bug bites around my ankles and feet after last night’s practice!

Next Week’s Practice Schedule:  It is the same as this week!

·       6 and Under:  4:30-5

·       7-10:  5-5:45

·       11 and older:  5:45-6:15

As always, I am here if you have questions.  I may not know the answer, but I will commit to finding it for you!