Notes from May Parents Meeting

Parents’ Meeting Notes

May 18, 2017


Welcome and Intro’s       

·        Tracy Tucker, Team Manager

·        Coach Manon, Head Coach

·        Assistant Coach Sam (Samantha)

·        Assistant Coach Sarah

·        Jane McKlveen, special thanks for all of her help in promoting the team and taking care of all the technical details. 

·        Michelle Bright, Concessions Coordinator

·        Sarah Shelton, Miranda Buckeye and Courtney Von Tersch, Fun Squad

·        Jenn Groves and her team, organizing the Fun Meet in late June (TT note:  and for always taking care of the team logo wear!)

·        Jude Donato, Set Up Chair.  WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR A CO-CHAIR!  These two will coordinate set up, not do it all themselves!


Communication.  We will use various forms of communication so every knows what is going on.

·        Facebook—sign up for our page—swim flying fish

·        Emails

·        Texts (we need to have you give us your carrier so we can send texts)  This is used when last minute things happen, like practice is cancelled due to weather, meet postponed, etc.

·        On Deck app.  This app allows you to see meet results, get your best times results, sign up for volunteer jobs and lots of other cool things without having to go to the team website.  This is a free app!  You should have received an email from Jane & Michael McKlveen about this new team feature!


Stroke and Turn Volunteers.  We still need 3-4 more Stroke and Turn certified volunteers. Training opportunities are as follows:

·        May 20th 9 a.m.-11 a.m. at Little Neck Swim Club

·        May 31st 7 p.m.-9 p.m. at Mallory Country Club

·        Online training at .  There is a $25 fee for this which is reimbursed by the league once you receive you certificate

·        Please let Jane McKlveen know if you are interested and she will add you to the Stroke and Turn info emails.  THANK YOU!!


Volunteering for each meet.  Swim teams are run by volunteers—lots are needed for each and every meet!  Home and away.  We need parents to sign up to volunteer for each meet that their child is swimming.  The meet schedule is set up and you can sign up for volunteer positions by signing in at  Contact Jane if you have any issues with the site.


Practice Times.  Coach Manon has reviewed the list of team members and wants to have the practices split up for training the following ways when practice starts in the morning:  6 and under, 7-10 year olds, 11 and older.  This year, 6 and under will have 30 minute practices and the other two will be 45 minutes long.  It was agreed on the following morning practice times:

·        7:15-8:00 (rotating each week between the two older groups)

·        8:00-8:30 (always the 6 and unders)

·        8:30-9:15 (rotating each week between the two older groups)

·        9:30:  stroke clinics (requires a sign up in the stroke clinic notebook that will be at practice; each clinic is $3; space is limited to 12 swimmers)


Coach Manon’s Comments:  Coach has been coaching for many years and is currently the GB high school coach.  She loves the Cheshire Forest team and this swim league! She looks at swimming as a team sport.  We work to keep all swimmers engaged in the meet even when they aren’t swimming (TT comment—cheering for our teammates is encouraged!)  We start our practices on time and end on time.  Only swimmers are allowed on the swim deck during practice (TT comment—parents do gather on the benches and chat it up, but not too loudly! 😊 )  Swim team suits are to be worn for all meets, but only the meets.  Only swim team caps can be used for meets.  Think of football or any other sport where you wear the team uniform for games.  Other equipment needs:

·        Goggles (recommend buying two).  Invest in a good pair (nike, speedo, tyr).  These can be found at Target, TJ Max,, etc. 

·        Fins (TT note, I always called these flipper).  These are the competitive swim fins, with fully molded one piece full heel.  See here:


·        Practice wear—girls should wear full swim suits, no two pieces.  Boys should wear board shorts/swim trunks (not baggy swim trunks because it will make it harder for them to swim.)  Also, no rash guards.  Again, because it will make it harder for your child to swim.

·        Coach is going to send out an email with info about swim gear and other notes shortly.

·        Team swim suits will be sold on May 31st from 4-6.  The vendor will be here and families will buy them directly from the vendor this year.  Or you can look online to purchase your suit.

·        TT note:  Many families have suits and fins that no longer fit their child.  We are recommending that you post on the fb page for others to buy/get.

·        Swim Meet Sign Outs.  Any family who won’t be able to make a meet (and that happens, no worries!) needs to sign out for the meet so that we don’t have your child in the line up!  This needs to be done as soon as you know.  Even when your child is not at practice all week, do not assume we know they won’t be at the meet.  They will be signed up for swim events and when changes need to be made the day of the meet, it holds up start of the meet, causes confusion. . . and make TT cranky. (okay, that last part isn’t the main reason, but really, really, we want to make sure you sign out when you can’t make the meet!)

Assistant Coaches Sam and Sarah both grew up in Cheshire Forest and both began swimming at 7.  Sam’s brother was a Cheshire Forest swim coach and that helped to get her interested.  Sarah started helping with the 6 and unders as a senior in high school and then became an official assistant coach once in college.  They also offer private swim lessons.  Their contact information is listed on our site at


Questions or concerns, please see/call/email Tracy Tucker!