Please Let Us Know about the 06/14 Meet at Green Hills and Tubing on 06/17

Good Morning,

Please let us know if you are coming or not to the meet at Green Hills.  It will take less than a minute and essential to the planning for this meet for the coaches and our board. 

Once you are logged in, you can sign up online by clicking this link. If you have any challenges signing ujp please email us and we are happy to help.  For a step by step example to follow please down load this document.

This is our first meet of the season at Green Hills Gold Club in Greene County. Here is the address:

3858 Dundee Road, Standardsville, VA. 

Green Hills is like our sister team so this meet is always lots of fun!

We would like all swimmers to arrive no later than 4:45 for warm ups.  We are excited to see you there!

Also, please go to team unify/fast website and declare whether you are going tubing with us on 06/17.It is a fun relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon.   

Thank you!