Picture Day - 06/27/17

Hello Stingray Families!

Picture day is right around the corner!  Pictures will be on Tuesday, June 27th, at Riding Center Pool. You will get your picture (individual and group) taken and receive your team shirt at this time.

The photographer is working with us to make this a pleasant experience and has requested the following schedule:

  • 7:45am ODSL swimmer’s individual photos followed by group photo
  • 8:30am Miniray swimmer’s individual photos followed by group photo
  • 9:15am CSL swimmer’s individual photos followed by group photo

Please, please try your best to arrive at your swimmer’s scheduled time and NO earlier. The photographer has worked with the team for several years now, and knows our team dynamic and size very well.

Anyone who has attended picture day in the past knows that it can be a little crazy. To help alleviate some of the frustration, please keep the following in mind:

  • There will be several photographers on deck taking individual shots, which will make the lines go faster. The photographer would like to get most individual photos taken BEFORE the team photos. So first thing when you arrive is to get your swimmer’s photo done.
  • T-shirt Handout
    • OSDL & CSL: pictures first, then pick up T-shirts
    • Mini Rays: T-shirts first, then pictures (minis wear shirts for the team photo)
  • Please have your swimmer eat and drink a little something before arriving. In the past we’ve had a few swimmers pass out from the heat. A little food and water will help avoid this problem. Also, remind your swimmer to stand with their legs slightly bent to ensure good blood flow through their legs when taking the group photo.
  • Please print & fill out the attached form and bring it on the day of pictures. Memory Makers accepts cash, checks and processes credit cards on site.
  • We are also in need of volunteers. If you can help, please sign up here:




Thank you for your cooperation and patience in making Picture Day a fun, team-building experience for everyone!

Wendy Oakford