Team updates! Important Stuff!
1. NO PRACTICE UNTIL MONDAY MORNING! Enjoy your weekend! 7:15 11 and older 8:00-8:30 6 and under 8:30-9:15 7-10 2. Muffin Monday. If you want to drop off muffins on Sunday, I will be at the clubhouse on Sunday at 7 p.m. 3. Our first meet is on Tuesday! If you cannot make it sign out through events. If you have not signed up for a role during the meet, please do so by Friday. After that I will need to make assignments, which I prefer not to do. Meets are run by family members. We all need to pitch in. We need to be at Cavaliers by 5:15. For those that wish to caravan over, we will meet at the clubhouse to pack up our meet supplies and load in our swimmers. Thank you all for your help and terrific support! Tracy