Please help us by letting us know if you are swimming at FCC or not

First, we would like to thank all the swimmers, parents, and coaches for a great meet last week!  It was fun and fast with great team work. Congratulations!

We need your help for this week.  Please let us know if you are coming or not so we can plan accordingly. Our coaches and meet directors put in a lot of work planning our meets and we need and greatly appreciate your help!  If you want you can do this for all the dual meets and it will only take a couple of minutes.  it is easy to change later if anythning changes.

Our tentative schedule for help at the meet is shown below.  Please let us know if we need to change anything and thank you again for all your help and support!


FAST Dual Meet with Farmington at FV

For the FAST Dual Meet with Farmington will be held at the Fairview pool.  Please be there by 4:415 for check in and stretchs.  We will warm up shortly after.  For a map and directions click here.




First Half

Second Half

Meet Director

Dana Hodges


Scott Hagan



Clerk Of Course

Cos DiFazio

Clerk of Course Assist


Computer Operator

Tonia Mayhew

Stroke & Turn

Laura Davis

Stroke & Turn

Danny Johnson

Head Timer

Jay Hurdle

Timer 1 - Lane 1

Courtney Kimble

Annie Wells

Timer 2 - Lane 1

Rick Hernandez

Stephanie Collier

Timer 1 - Lane 2

Jim Fontenot


Timer 2 - Lane 2

David Jacobs

Jay Thompson

Timer 1 - Lane 3

Michelle Dague

Margarete Estes

Timer 2 - Lane 3

Sherry Botkins

Edna Caruso

Timer 1 - Lane 4

Jeanne Sam

Sarah Hernandez

Timer 1 - Lane 5

Marcia Johnson  

Timer 1 - Lane 6

Ali Marks

Chris Smeds

False Start Rope

Brian Champion

Head of Table

Natasha Johnson


Jim Hall

Table Worker/Sorter

Amy Patchett


Backup Checker

Faye DiFazio


Leticia Champion


Danny Hodges

Heat Winner Ribbons

Lara Hernandez

Meet Marshall

Dana Hodges

Sweep Judge


Sweep Judge

Brian Champion





Stephanie Collier