Club Awards for 2016-17 swim season

WGB Awards for 2016-2017 season            


All of these awards have been chosen by the Coach or Coaches of that group, and cover the period from June last year to May this year.


Teddies - Coach DannicaNelson & Taylor Harvey

Kelly Patrick Spirit Award: Most Enthusiastic: John Chisholm and Roy Oborne            


Rookie of the Year  (Malwina) - Awarded to a first-year swimmer with the greatest potential or improvement – chosen by the Head Coach in consultation with the other coaches - Andrey Skofenko                                                       


Coach Malwina & Matthew Blakesley

Cubs A Most Improved marked improvement in swimming ability and attitude - Sarah Broesky

Cubs A Leadership -  Lydia Brown


Cubs B Most Improved  - Selene Brown and Owen Krikorian        


Coach Taylor Harvey; Cubs C

Cubs C Most Improved - Lucy Aube-Peart

Cubs C Leadership - Ryan Sage  


Coach Shereen Hill. Teen

Teen Most Improved - Ulysse Girard

Teen Leadership - Etienne Daigle-Comeau


Coach Kirsten Bradley; Black Bears

Black Bears  Most Improved –  Zoe Benitah

Black Bears  Leadership –  Alexa Mannen


Coach Kat Zrum; Polar Bears

Polar Bears Most Improved- Josh Zaidan

Polar Bears Leadership – Amelia Barrault


Coach Malwina Bukszowana; Kodiaks

Kodiaks Most Improved- Alex Petriw

Kodiaks Leadership- Emma Boyd


Coach Malwina Bukszowana; Silvertips

Silvertips Most Improved: Aidan Harvey


Major Awards


Ryan Downing Award 200IM Improvement 2016-17: for most improvement in 200m IM for a male and a female.  Recipients are determined based on times used from the Yukon Invitational Championship meet the year before to the Yukon Invitational Championship of the current year. This award is given in memory of Ryan Downing (former Whitehorse Glacier Bear) whose favorite event was the 200m IM.

 Brynna Lalonde: 2016 3:35.36  2017 3:13.67  An improvement of 21.69 seconds.

Thomas Bakica: 2016  2:42.56  2017 2:38.22  An improvement of 4:34 seconds.


WGB Swimmer of the Year: the swimmer who places the best at the highest level of competition. And with a 4th, 5th, 8th, 10th & 10th at the Canadian National Age Group Championships - Rennes Lindsay