Important Stuff about Upcoming Meet vs. RiverWalk

 Well, we survived what was the longest meet I’ve ever been to!  Trust me, not all meets last that long.  I am asking you to help us ensure that we do our part so the meets run more quickly in the future:

  1. We need to have our volunteer assignments filled before the meet.This means in the system/on the paper I will have at practices going forward.All families need to sign up for at least one volunteer position for the meet.That way we don’t have certain parents walking around in a daze wishing their child had chosen to be baseball players.When we have to do it onsite, it slows down our process because I’m getting volunteers rather than doing the 10 other things I’m supposed to be doing/being asked to do onsite.I realize that some of you are new and needed to see a meet to get a feel for it.And, I realize that some of you have children in high school and have been swimming since they were five and you feel you have been there, done that.We need all of you to help out.Please, as a parent who took this managing team position on when no one else would so we could have a team—or respectfully said, for the love of God—please sign up no later than noon on Friday!

    Enough said, or I will begin to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.  Here’s the link to our upcoming events,

    NOTE:  you can sign up for all events today and not have to go through this again!  J

    Please sign your child out today if you are not going to be able to make the meet.And this is another time where if you already know your schedule, you can sign out for any and all meets right now if you know your schedule. And, guess what?If your schedule changes, you can change your option so that they are back swimming for that event!  Please have all sign outs for this weekend done today (Wednesday) if possible.We need to have time to go through and proof before sending over to the other team.THANK YOU!

  2. I screw up.I have probably made at least 10 mistakes this morning and it’s not even noon.If you see something that I’ve done that doesn’t look right—please let me know as soon as you see it!I won’t take offense!I promise.And the sooner we correct my mistakes, the better the team will run. It takes a village, and I need my whole village to make our team great!

And, by the way, the Flying Fish are ALREADY great!  I was so proud of our team last night!  It is so exciting to see the “eye of the tiger” from so many of our swimmers—I love watching their competitive streak comes out and they are in it to win it—or at the least swim their best lap yet!  And, as they get more used to the process and as they become better swimmers, the meets will become shorter, I promise!!

Saturday’s meet is at River Walk (701 Riverwalk Parkway, 23320).  We will need to be there no later than 7:15 so that our swimmers can sign in with the Clerk of Course (Zoo.) Technically they are about 15 minutes away from us.  Check to see if the bridge is working on Saturday or we may need a work around.  River Walk is a new team in our division and are 120 swimmers strong.  Here is the info they sent us:

Parking is limited at the River Walk Club House. As the old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm (parking). There are two entrances to the club house. Use the right side entrance only (someone should be directing traffic). Once parking at the club is full, the overflow will have to park all along River Walk Pkwy. How many parking spaces will you need for TR/Coaches?


After entering the pool facility, your team can set up on the left side of the pool. River Walk will set up on the right side on the deck. Our pool has 6 lanes - standard rectangle shape. FYI, we have plenty of SHADE! . We have limited deck furniture, so bring your folding chairs. Standard concessions will be available.

River Walk's warm-ups will be from 
7:15-7:30 am, Your team will be from 7:30-7:45 am. There will be an Officials meeting at 7:45 near the entrance of the pool. Meet starts promptly at 8:00 am. We are planning on having an Adult Relay during half time.... weather/time permitting.

IN OTHER NEWS:  Tuesday, June 27th is our Fun Meet and Pot Luck.  Think of this as our Crazy Pool games.  Thanks to Jenn Groves and her band of wives for organizing the games.  I am not doing a sign up genius for the pot luck, because, candidly, most of our folks seem to just bring things—which is great!  I’m going to trust the way it’s working and know you all will bring something to share and your own drinks.  J

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or talk to me at practice.  And, again, I can’t say enough how much I appreciate all of your help and teamwork.