Tomorrow's Meet--so you don't have to look for the info

Time to be there:  No Later Than 7:15 a.m.!  Report to the Zoo! (Red Tent)

Where are you going:  River Walk Swimming --701 Riverwalk Parkway, 23320

What to bring:  chairs, bug spray, sun tan lotion, water, food/money for their concessions, great attitudes!  :)  They do an adult relay during the "halftime".  We would love to have some folks who come prepared to play/participate in this!  It's fun for everyone!

Swimmers to bring:  their swim caps, GOGGLES, towels, awesome attitudes. 

Meet up at the Clubhouse.  Charmiss and I will be at the clubhouse at 6:35.  We will leave at 6:40 so we can get there by 7 and start setting up.  I can fit 2 more people in my car.  It's loaded with equipment right now or I could take more.  If others want to caravan over, please be there so we can leave on time or set your own caravaning times up!  :)  Parking is tight so I do recommend some pre-arranged car-pooling!

We are asking that this meet the BIG FISH who have littles that swim 6 and under stay with them while they are in their chairs if at all possible.  That will help things go more smoothly as we learn and move forward.

Below is the info that was sent earlier this week from the other team's rep:

Parking is limited at the River Walk Club House. As the old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm (parking). There are two entrances to the club house. Use the right side entrance only (someone should be directing traffic). Once parking at the club is full, the overflow will have to park all along River Walk Pkwy.


After entering the pool facility, your team can set up on the left side of the pool. River Walk will set up on the right side on the deck. Our pool has 6 lanes - standard rectangle shape. FYI, we have plenty of SHADE! . We have limited deck furniture, so bring your folding chairs. Standard concessions will be available.

River Walk's warm-ups will be from 
7:15-7:30 am, Your team will be from 7:30-7:45 am. There will be an Officials meeting at 7:45 near the entrance of the pool. Meet starts promptly at 8:00 am. We are planning on having an Adult Relay during half time.... weather/time permitting.