The week ahead, calendar changes and more!

 The Week ahead, Calendar changes and more !

Lots to go over here as we reach the halfway mark of our season. 

Spirit Events have changed - Please take note!

6/29 - this Thursday is Team Movie day at Holiday Cinema on Rt 40, Secret Life of Pets for $1 admission, or $5 for admission and snack pack. The theater is cash only. Meet in the lobby at 9:45am. Parents and siblings welcome.

7/6 is Kickball, Volleyball and Nail polish, in Middletown Park. Back pavilion from 7-8:30pm
         Bring nail polish, and don't forget your water bottle to help keep you hydrated.

The meet this Saturday is at Home. Volunteers are still needed!
Please log in and sign up to be a 2nd half timer.

Also at the meet, we will be having a food drive of non-perishable cans or boxed food to support a Girl Scout Silver Award project. Look for the bin by the pool entrance if you wish to contribute.


Swimmers and Parents listen for calls to clerk! You don't want to miss your event!
Leaving early? Make sure you aren't needed for a relay team. Don't let your relay team be disqualified.

Meet photos are posted under the pictures tab, you must be logged in to see them, downloads are enabled. Don't see your swimmer? Check in with the photographer at the meet.